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Authority Websites
Semi-Custom. SEO & Speed Targeted. One Monthly Fee Only.

Beautiful locations can often be inexpensive. Semi-custom construction with a modest monthly price and a new website every two years.

Authority Website

A trusted website is an authority website. It enjoys the confidence of its users, industry professionals, other websites, and search engines. 

Website Details

  • Design Focused on Conversion 

  • 30 Minutes of Monthly Free Edits 

  • Principal Titles/Metaphors 

  • Internal Linking Sitemap Submission (optional) 

  • One-time Content Development (optional) 

  • Setup Google Analytics (optional) 

  • 3 Rounds of Free Edits during the Development Phase of Custom Forms 

  • Setup of Conversion Tracking 

  • Performance Optimisation 

  • Unlimited Use with Page Templates

Hosting Details

  • 30 Off-Site Backup Days 

  • Real-Time Monitoring of Uptime 

  • Updates to Core, Theme, & Plugins 

  • Daily Malware Scan for Security Assurance 

  • High Performance Content Delivery Network Free SSL

  • Certificate Monthly Report with Your Logo 

  • Free WordPress Transfer 

  • Free Development Staging Enviro. 

  • Staging Environ offers a "Try Before You Buy" option. 

  • 90+ Desktop Google Page Insight Scores 

  • Websites/Servers Strategically Located Close to Client

  • Location Updates to Core, Theme, and Plugins 

  • Our minimal stack comprises Nginx, Percona MySQL, Server Level Caching, and Front-end WordPress Cache.

Creating a new website is typically an arduous process, but we've streamlined it into a single optimal timetable. We utilize the Elementor page builder to develop a custom website for you. This simple drag-and-drop widget functionality enables you to edit your new website whenever necessary. After the launch of the new website, you will receive 30 minutes of free modifications every month if you require our assistance. 


General construction completion schedules may vary. The mean number of days is 30 to 45. 


Prior to purchase, a $500 ADA Compliance add-on can be ordered as a special add-on. This product is not eligible for bulk hours.

*Timeline varies dependent on an ideal turnaround with required revision comments and assets. 




  • Prior to the acquisition, all conditions, including content, website access, and extra assets, must be met, or the procedure may be delayed. 

  • The construction schedule could take up to 45 days. 

  • This is not a custom-designed graphic product. The site is intended to be clean, quick, and geared to support digital marketing operations. 

  • In addition to titles, metas, internal page links, and sitemap submission, SEO optimization incorporates conversion rate optimization. 

  • These websites are created using the Elementor page builder; there is no specialized coding for unique features in this scope. This is available at an hourly cost. 

  • Special plugins or functionality beyond a typical website's capabilities may incur additional effort and expense (e.g. interactive maps, shopping cart, etc). 

  • PSDs for design may be submitted to Crush and fall beyond the scope of this product; please contact sales for pricing. 

  • Hosting at Crush is required for a price included in these costs. 

  • The copywriting add-on will be completed within 7-14 days. 

  • At the current pace of payment, it will take more than eight years to acquire this item. To provide additional value to clients, you can buyout in full after 24 months or receive a free new site every two years. 

  • The project includes up to three rounds of gratis revisions to the development website prior to debut; anything beyond launch is considered new work and will be billed hourly. 

  • There is a $500 cancellation fee for projects cancelled before to commencement. No prior credits will be applied, nor are refunds available.